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Product characteristics: The addition of polyacrylamide dispersant during the papermaking process can effectively prevent fiber agglomeration and increase the uniformity of the paper. The product can be dissolved in 60min. The low addition amount can promote the good dispersion of papermaking fibers and excellent paper forming effect, improve the pulp formation and softness, and improve the paper strength.Scope of application: Suitable for all kinds of household paper and other tissue papers such as toilet paper, napkins and facial tissues.

Technical indicators


Molecular weight

Degree of hydrolysis

Dissolution time



Charge type



3 million- 20 million


< 60min



Method of use: 1. The dispersant is formulated into a 0.1-0.5% concentration solution. Disperse one kilogram of dispersing agent into one ton of water evenly. Note that it should be sprinkled while stirring. After dissolving for 1 hour, it is filtered through a 40-mesh sieve to prepare a dilute solution. When used, it is diluted with 3-5 times of water.2. When adding, it should be added as far as possible in front of the net. It can be added in the cage, sanding tray or high-position box. However, it is best to use the dropper equivalent to the width of the cage to join the cage. The valve is used to control the flow.3. Generally speaking, the amount of paper used is 500-1500ppm, but it varies according to the paper produced and the filler added.


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